A Short Guide to Alpine Ski Equipment

Before renting or purchasing ski equipment, ask yourself a few questions: for how long will you ski? Will you ski only on a vacation or also near where you live? Determining your projected commitment level will help you decide whether to rent, lease or buy skis, boots, and poles.

Here is the options for whose asking rent or buy ski equipment:

  • Renting equipment at a local ski shop or at the ski resort. You can rent equipment by the day or week. This is often recommended for first-time skiers.
  • Leasing equipment for an entire season. Some ski shops offer this service and it can especially make sense for children who quickly out-grow gear.
  • Buying used equipment at a local ski shop or ski swap. If you are new to skiing, stay away from garage sales and be careful at ski swaps because you may wind up with gear that is outdated and inappropriate. Ski shops often sell their rental equipment after a couple of years. Though these skis may look pretty banged up, shop personnel have checked them to be sure they meet safety standards.

  • Buying new equipment. You might want to consider a package deal that offers a discount when you buy skis, boots, bindings and poles together.

Ultimately, owning your equipment allows you continuity as you progress through skiing’s learning stages and can also save you time and money in the long run.


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